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Other work

Railway legislation requires that all 'heritage' railways have approved Safety Management Systems.  


These management systems describe how the railway manages safety from the most basic requirements to keep visitors and staff keep and free from harm through to competence management and risk assessment.


Pindari has written a number of these systems for heritage railways in the UK including Barrow Hill Roundhouse where we also manage the implementation and day-to-day managment of the system.


From basic risk assessment to complex competence assessments, we cover the full compliance scope.

Safety Management Systems

Qualification of suppliers assessment

Pindari was chosen by a start-up train operator to undertake assurance assessments of one of its rolling stock suppliers.


Working to a the requirements of a Railway Industry Standard, Pindari developed an assessment regime to allow a thorough investigation of the ability of the supplier to meet the stringent requirements of train operators and meet industry standards.

Baby Deltic Project

The Baby Deltic Project (BDP) is a project which is recreating a long-lost locomotive - an English Electric Type 2 'Baby Deltic'.  Powered by a 9-cylinder Napier Deltic engine all of the original locos were scrapped by 1976.


Approximately two-thirds complete now, Pindari has worked with the BDP from the start of the project to provide technical support including design, CAD modelling & drawings, FEA work and compliance services.



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