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Your route to compliance

Pindari Ltd was established in 2007 by Simon Hartshorne after 24 years in the mainstream rail industry.


We supply consultancy services to the rail industry including;

DSCN4242 DSCN4236

Guidance and advice on Occupational Safety and Health legislation.


OHSAS 18001, HSG65, Quality Management (ISO 9000), Environmental Management (ISO 14001).

Guidance and advice on rail vehicle (i.e. ‘traction and rolling stock’) engineering and compliance with legislation, railway industry and ISO / EN standards.

Rail vehicle modifications, both major and minor, from design to production.


Specifically bespoke small volume work and projects considered 'too difficult' by others.

Railway Safety Management Systems, including competence management systems and assessments.


Risk assessments & risk management, auditing & supplier assessments.


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