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Brighton Belle

Pindari was chosen by the 5BEL Trust to play a major part in the return to traffic of the iconic Brighton Belle electric pullman.


From the initial survey of the Brighton Belle vehicles prior to purchase, through the inspection and selection of donor vehicles we have been involved from the very start of this fascinating project.


Pindari are undertaking multiple roles on this project - Design Authority, Risk Management, Quality Management and Certification Management.


The project uses a 'two-pronged' approach with conventional restoration and overhaul running alongside modification and enhancement work.


Now approaching the final stages of this long-haul engineering project, the Brighton Belle is expected to be ready for static testing in late-2018, it  has been heavily updated to meet the requirements for operation on the national rail network in the UK.  


The updates are significant and have been driven by the dual demands of client requirement and legislation.  They include;


* Replacement of underframe sections to improve vehicle strength and allow the installation of a modified traction package.


* Replacement of power and parking brake systems.


*  Significant improvements to crash-worthiness and traincrew environment.


*  Installation of compliant front-end lighting.


*  Installation of universal access lavatory and controlled-emission toilets (CET) throughout.


*  Installation of TPWS, OTMR and GSM-R


All of this work requires a good deal of high-quality design work to incorporate modern systems in a 1930's train without spoiling any of the atmosphere of Art-Deco luxury travel.


For more detail on the Brighton Belle, including the programme of proposed charters, click on or tap the link below.


DSCN0493_01 PBEL_M_UF_A_280-2 DSCN4236 DSCN2355_01 Brighton Belle